How to use data to decide what to write about


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Say you know a subject extremely well, could write an article on basically any topic thrown at you, answer a million different questions on it, and genuinely know your shit when you discuss it.

Maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks, “just tell me what to write and I’ll do it no problem.” The hard part isn’t writing about the subject, it’s figuring out what to write in the first place.

In the following sneak peek from our Keyword Research Course, I’ll show you exactly how to make that decision easily using data. 👇

Pretty cool, right?

If you’d rather not have to learn how to do this all yourself, you can always hire us to do your keyword research services for you. Don’t forget.

As always, send us a message anytime. We love to hear what our audience are working on. It helps us to come up with future content ideas. 🙂

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