Get the recognition you deserve.

Work for yourself. Start a side hustle. Land a dream job. Build a reputation. Whatever you want to do – we want to help.

Help yourself while helping others

We live in an age where hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of people are using the Internet to build a strong personal reputation, side hustle, and open doors that never would have existed for them before. We want to encourage you to do that. No matter who you are or what you’re into, you have knowledge that can help people, and deserve to be acknowledged for it.

How does a website help? 

A website makes it real. It brings your ideas to life, and gives you something tangible for someone else to find. It allows you to present your voice, your ideas, sell your products or services, and find others who think like you. 

There are many companies who offer websites, but none who offer WordPress websites; custom-designed, built for free, AND with instructions provided.

Someone once told us, “Create the things you wish existed.” – So we did. 

What’s in it for us?

Attention. Brand recognition. The more people who know about us, the more people who know our mission, and become aware that we do, in fact, offer websites for sale (some people have the money and writing 10 articles isn’t the best use of their time – this pays our bills). 

The articles that our community writes drive traffic to our site. The more our name is out there, the better our chances of succeeding.

Our Team

Justin Borge

Chief Hustle Helper

A marketer by trade, passionate about helping ambitious people realize their potential. When he’s not typing into a laptop, he’s probably on a yoga mat or swooning over his new Instant Pot. 

Lyra Juinio

Designer Extraordinaire

The practical one in the company. Very talented designer who makes all of our websites look beautiful. If you like the way things look, it’s because of her. Tell her thank you.

Robin Leinonen

Marketing Wizard

They run the website, and help us whenever we’re in a pinch. They specialize in copywriting, email marketing, and advertising. 


Lead Treat Inspector

Keeps everyone in good spirits. Does dog stuff. 

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