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Keyword Research Services

Increase traffic and sales using easy to understand, reliable SEO data. 

If you’re not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money

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It’s fantastic and it’s simple.
It’s basically SEO for dummies.
Exactly what I needed.

— Brendan McAdams
Stop Wasting your time

Are you targeting terms that aren’t driving traffic? The more competitive the topic the harder it is to stand out. 

Hidden Opportunities

Find low competition, high volume topics to create around, making it easier to rank on page 1 and increase visits to your site. 

Does your content drive traffic?

To make money online, you need to be seen.

If you can consistently attract an extra 1,000 visits to your offer per month and even 1 percent of them make a purchase…that’s an ongoing 10 extra sales monthly.

What if you could compound your traffic well beyond that? What would your revenue look like with 5,000 visits per month? 10,000? How about 100,000?

SEO Services for Small Businesses

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Smart creators know that traffic by itself is a vanity metric.

1,000 window shoppers are less valuable than 100 actual paying customers.

So how do you make sure you’re attracting more potential customers than window shoppers?

Target highly-qualified traffic opportunities. 

People searching with terms like “best” or “top” are shopping for a solution. 

Discover low difficulty content ideas using “commercial intent” terms to turn that 1 percent conversion rate into 2 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent or more.

How do you get highly-qualified evergreen traffic?

It’s simple, really. You find topics that people are looking for help with, where there isn’t already a lot of competition, and you create content around it. 

Our data + your knowledge = magic

Stop guessing what to do next.

Without knowing the data, how are you informing your content strategy? How do you decide what to create?

Do you pull ideas out of thin air, spend 5-10 hours preparing, creating, editing, then put it out there and…cross your fingers and hope for the best?

How do you know what you’re doing will work? How do you know what’s next? You’re playing poker blindfolded.

Your time is too valuable to let yourself create things that there isn’t a demand for. Or worse, you’re creating content that there IS a demand for but the mountain of competition is so high that you’ll never stand out. Talk about demoralizing.

What's Included?

Keyword Research so simple, It almost feels like cheating.

Complete one 30 minute Zoom call, get emailed your data within 3-5 business days. 

Nothing to download, no subscriptions, no need to make an account. 

We built this for SEO newbies.

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If you’re in this game for the long haul, you need reliable ways to drive traffic to your site.

You could spend money on ads, sure, but ads are only as good as your wallet is deep. SEO is your growth partner: it scales with you.

Don’t waste time doing what won’t work. Our reliable keyword research services give you the confidence that you’re making the right decisions saving you hours in content planning, and freeing your mind to think about more important things. 

Simply open up your database, find a great opportunity, and start creating.

How to Calculate Your Roi

The example below shows how to calculate the return on investment for a page that ranks #5 for “Weight Loss Challenge” 

You have a product with an average sale price of $300.

You create a page targeting the keyword “weight loss challenge” and rank #5.

This brings in 350 new visitors (10% industry average).

If 2% of those make a purchase, that results in $2,100 in monthly recurring revenue.

Tip: a page can rank for more than one keyword. Write blog articles to rank for unlimited amounts. 


No memberships. No subscriptions. 

Keyword Research Services

$ 2499
  • Monthly search volume and difficulty scores for search terms relevant to your niche and industry
  • Value scores to identify lucrative opportunities
  • The terms your online competitors are ranking for
  • Opportunity key terms of high volume, low competition
  • Long-tail keywords formed as a question, ready for you to create blog posts that answer them
  • Commercial intent keywords list to identify money making articles to focus on
  • ROI Calculator
  • Fillable editorial calendar
  • Instructions on how to interpret the data
  • Includes access to Ongoing Content Management (within 60 days of purchase)
  • + 30 minute consultations before and after delivery to answer your questions and brainstorm strategy

Learn to do this yourself in our Keyword Research Course

3 Article Backlink Trade

Don’t need a complete gameplan with thousands of keywords? We’ll do research for up to 3 articles you’ve written in exchange for a link back to our website.

*dependent on our availability

Frequently asked questions

Accordion Content

The search volumes and competition reports reflect the average monthly results for the last 12 months of search engine data. We use (literally) the same tools and softwares as the biggest websites around. 

SEO is a long game with many different factors besides simply “making more content.”

**We can not in good faith offer a guarantee of any results**

BUT – and we say this like a friend, meant solely to be transparent and not get your hopes up…

If you can commit to writing a keyword rich, low competition article per week – informed by the data we provide, AND have a well-optimized website, we have confidence you will start to see your traffic climb in anywhere between 6-12 months.

Eventually we plan to! Send us an email and we’ll try to give you some free advice if we can. It’ll help us to learn what our customers are needing help with. 

If you’ve gotten our data, put it to good use and aren’t seeing growth, we’ll ask you to fill out a feedback form explaining what would make our product better for the next person and refund your money. You can always ask us for help with your SEO as well. If it’s something we can assist with, we’ll do our best. We want to see our customers succeed as much as they do. 

1. Use the keywords you choose to inform content decisions 

2. Update existing posts & pages with the appropriate keywords

Add chosen keywords to label your website’s pages and post titles, H1, H2, and H3 headers. Use them in your URL permalinks, meta descriptions, image descriptions, and anchor link text wherever possible. Google’s crawler indexes this information to determine what your pages and posts are about. This is your opportunity to tell them so that they’ll know what to recommend you for!

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Without a marketing team offering keyword research services behind you, you’ll always be a small fish in a big pond (a smart fish, to be sure). While standing out online is 100% doable, scaling to a thriving, sustainable business requires planning, patience, and consistency. You know you’ve got what it takes, you just need some help. 

That’s why we built this SEO Keyword Gameplan – to give thoughtful, passionate brands like yours a leg up.

You want to work hard, we want to make sure it pays off.


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