Last updated 12/29/2020

Thank you for your interest in volunteering and becoming part of our community at Help With Your Hustle

We are committed to: “helping people build a life they’re interested in.”

If this is a mission statement that resonates with you, and one that could motivate you to show up for the benefit of others, we would love your help.

One way that someone can join our community is by completing the process of Writing 10 Articles for a Free Website.

When they do so, we publish their articles on our website, where we advertise their expertise to our readers and make it possible for others to discover them via web searches.

Another way is to volunteer. 

For those who may not need our services, but resonate with our mission, this is the solution for you:

Write one article. A guest blog, if you will.

We will feature your article to our audience, attribute you as the author, and encourage anybody who finds your topic interesting to contact you and ask for your help.

Here are a five great reasons to volunteer with HWYH.

1. Position Yourself as an Expert:

If you are working in a space that caters to entrepreneurs, this is an excellent way of getting in front of your target demographic.

2. Free Backlink

If you have a website of your own, this presents a remarkable “guest post” opportunity for a high-quality free backlink to your site, which is needed to rank organically on Google.

3. Advertise Yourself

If you have an online presence that it would help to advertise, this is an excellent way to get it in front of people. Within your post simply put, “want more of where this came from? Follow me @ (your name here)”

4. Applying for a job anytime soon?

You can bet that your future employer will Google your name. By writing for us, you can control what they find. Your article will likely show up on the first page of the results when your name is searched. It is a very smart idea when job hunting to showcase your knowledge, expertise, and ambition by being featured elsewhere.

5. You Can Help People!

Remember that our community is comprised of people trying to build a life that they’re interested in. If you have anything to say that could help this great cause (our opinion), you would be doing a disservice to not share it.

Our community thrives when people like you step up. We’ll be thrilled to meet you, and we look forward to working with you.