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30 Minute SEO Consultation

$ 99

Upon Payment:

*Get this free when 2 referrals complete our Free SEO Course

Content Gap Analysis

$ 299

Uncover the *most important* keywords not to miss

*Get this free when 10 referrals complete our Free SEO Course

Ongoing Content Management

$ 499 5 articles per month.
  • Monthly 30-minute Content Strategy Consultation ($99 value)
  • We plan your content
  • Provide briefs and outlines of what to write
  • You write it
  • We optimize it for SEO (headers, meta description, page titles, anchor text)
  • We handle internal linking strategy
  • You publish it

*Prerequisite: Purchase our SEO Keyword Gameplan. Let us know during our included 30 minute onboarding call and we’ll invoice you after. Offer only valid for 60 days from purchase. 

**More than 5 articles per month $150/each

***New content only

Dedicated SEO Consulting

$ 4,999 per month. 20 hrs per week.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Content Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Landing Page Design
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Ebook/Course Design
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Project Management of Writers (budget permitting)
  • Backlink Outreach
  • Email Automation Buildout
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked

Old, underperforming content was likely written without regard to strategy. Combing through old content and trying to make it fit nicely would take more of our time and still likely lead to disappointing results for the client. If this is something you must do, we teach how to optimize old content on lessons 4 and 5 of our Free SEO Course.

Yes, but we’re expensive. If you’d like us to write on your behalf, you’d either need to hire us for Dedicated Consulting or choose an additional package from our Writing Services page.

Why? We’re a team of two and Lyra’s primarily a designer. I’m great at SEO Copywriting but I’ve got a lot else on my plate and must charge accordingly if I’m to put the rest on hold. 

We will do keyword research for up to 3 new articles you’ve written in exchange for a backlink to our website. One time only. You will still be required to optimize it yourself, but we will provide the necessary keyword data and point you towards an article we wrote on how to do it. 

*Dependent on time and our availability

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