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Existing content! There are many content agencies out there who will write new content on your behalf. We specialize in improving and SEO-optimizing the content you already have. 

SEO takes a while to kick in. In general it can take up to 6 months to begin to see your analytics begin to climb. The more likely you are to see results, the more likely it is you'll have a good experience working with us.

The more articles we optimize, the better your chances. On average your traffic will begin to climb within 6 months, and continue to snowball continuously from then on. Your results will be improved through additional efforts like promoting the updated content on social media and within your newsletter. 

We offer revisions on every article, as well as a very flexible money-back guarantee.

You'll be sent an email to fill out a short questionnaire (10 min) along with a link to schedule our first 30 minute consultation. Complete the form at least 24 hours beforehand so we can come to the meeting prepared. 

*A Note On Websites

SEO is 100x harder on poorly coded websites. For best results, we suggest websites be either custom coded or by using WordPress, Ghost, Webflow, or Squarespace. If your site uses another platform we may suggest a website upgrade or refund your purchase.