Why Your Side Hustle Needs a Website

why your side hustle needs a website

No matter what your side hustle is, you’re going to need a website.

 Whether your goals are working remotely, blogging for passive income, or handling your hustle entirely off-line, every side hustle and passion project requires an online presence.

-“I want to do work that I care about.” 

-“I don’t need to get rich. I just want to earn a modest living, pay my bills, and have the freedom to travel, choose my own schedule, and be my own boss.”

-“It would be great if I could somehow figure out a way to…

-work remotely

-do work I find fulfilling

-get paid to do something creative

-find a new career

-be more in control of how I spend my time

Do any of these resonate with you? 

People are catching on that the days of having to rely on a traditional employer are slowly passing us by.

No matter which direction you turn, people are talking about working for themselves, traveling while earning an income, and turning their dreams into a reality.

The answer? It’s called a side hustle.

A side hustle is like entrepreneurship with less commitment. You’re a business owner, but you aren’t responsible for anybody other than yourself, and you’re allowed to take it as seriously as you’ve got time for.

Whether you put in a ton of effort or work on it for just a couple hours a week – it’s your project, and you get to choose how far your plane will fly.

People who hate their jobs are finding ways to quit.

People without great resumes are figuring out how to become their OWN bosses.

People are creating a personal brand that can open doors that would never have existed before.

We’re living in the solopreneur gold rush, people. This is a time when anybody who wants a piece of the pie can have some.

What is a Side Hustle?

We’re not talking about driving for a rideshare company, and we wouldn’t dream of talking you into delivering somebody’s Taco Bell for them. Photo: Daisy Daisy / Shutterstock

It is important to first emphasize what a side hustle is not.

A side hustle is NOT:

  1. A second or third job
  2. An inconvenience to your life
  3. A cause of stress in any way

Another thing worth emphasizing before continuing onward…

A side-hustle is not about trading time for money

A wealthy person once said the best advice they had for getting ahead:

People with an employee mentality trade their time for money while people with an entrepreneurial mentality build things that can scale, grow, and make money over and over again.

A side hustle is about creating assets that have potential to be a gift that keeps on giving.

This is the Google search trends data in the last 5 years for the word “Side Hustle”. Notice anything?

What a side hustle IS

A side hustle is, and can be all of the following:

  1. an extra source of income
  2. a tool to create options and opportunities for yourself
  3. a creative outlet
  4. fun!

From the podcast Side Hustle School:

“When you have more than one source of income, you’re no longer dependent on a single employer. You’ll have much greater opportunity. You’ll learn new skills. Oh, and you’ll also have … more money.

What is the difference between a side hustle and a part-time job?

Sure, you CAN earn money “on the side’ by driving for Lyft or Uber, by delivering food on Postmates, or by waiting tables on weekends.

But all of those options are still trading time for money, and the amount of money you can earn is directly limited by the amount of hours you can work.

That is NOT what a side hustle is.

A side hustle is not necessarily easy. You’ve still got to put in the work to make it happen.

In fact, a part-time job will likely always be easier, just a lot less rewarding, both monetarily and emotionally.

To be successful in a side hustle, you’ve got to be consistent, self-starting, and interested enough that you’ll persevere even when it gets challenging. What we try to advise people is to “think of a topic that you can talk about for a million hours and not lose interest.” When you can identify that topic, that is where you should start.

There are a ton of different ideas for side hustles. Frankly, a side hustle can be anything you can think of as a way to make extra money. Create something and sell it, buy things at a lower price than you could flip them for, make a website about your favorite topic and monetize it (our specialty.)

One of the biggest upsides of a side hustle as compared to a part-time job – is that it’s completely yours. You’ll always be more proud of your hustle, and it will inevitably open doors that didn’t previously exist.

Done on your time, your way.

A side hustle can be (and should be) a lot of fun, and likely satisfying on a deeper level.

A side hustle is often viewed as a much needed creative outlet for people, or a way to dive deeper into your hobbies and unique knowledge. Your side hustle can even improve people’s lives, if that’s what you’re into.

Imagine being able to make money doing what you care about, rather than doing something you hate, making someone else a bunch of money?

The not-so-secret best part? There’s no need to punch a clock. If you want to put a ton of effort in to your side hustle today, you can do that. If you’ve only got 2 hours a week to spare, you can do that, too.

Work better in the morning, love an old-fashioned lunchtime nap? Sign me up!

Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle

What could you do if you had an extra $500 rolling in every month without having to think twice about it? How about $1,000? $2,000? Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

I’m sure if you’re both:

a) on this web site

b) have read this far

…you’ve probably heard that these kinds of stories aren’t just possible, they’re totally realistic and replicable. I’ve already mentioned Side Hustle School above, but I’m going to do it again.

It’s a 10 minute daily podcast where the host tells actionable, true stories (with proof) about how ordinary folks have made everything from $500/month in passive income to how they’ve totally changed their lives and are now making over 6 figures from what started out as their side hustles.

One example is the story of how a guy gets a monthly $700 check from Amazon, all because of a website he made where he reviewed fish tanks, then never touched again.

Another is a story of a couple who makes another website where they answer common questions that people ask about cruise ships, bringing them a recurring $3,000 a month!

Whether you like your job and just need some extra cushion, or if you’re hoping to build something that can become your full-time self employed, 100% remote business. Listen to as much of that podcast as you can.

Why Every Side Hustle Needs a Website

Do all side hustles need to be online in nature? No.

In fact, tons aren’t. Maybe you’re trying to fill seats at a school that teaches people how to open a coffee shop, or if you recently started a non-profit CrossFit gym. Maybe you sell homemade candles, or custom wedding invitations. We believe that 100% of people have a talent that we could teach others if we put our mind to it.

Not sure what you want to do for your side hustle, but know you have to start somewhere? Contact us , we’ll do our best to help.

Do all side hustles need to have an online presence? Yes. 

It doesn’t matter if your business is based 100% online or 99% off of it. You know what happens before your customers make almost any new purchase these days? They Google you. Studies show that 82% of people research things before they make purchases.

Having a website gets the information you want your audience to see right in front of them. It’s your way to control what people find when they Google you, and a website should always be your best salesperson.

With a well-designed website, you can tell your story, connect with potential purchasers, be helpful, and spread your message whether you’re available or not. Lots of people type questions in Google around the world.

Control What People Find When They Google You

One of the best benefits of having a website to accompany your side hustle is that you able to control what people find when they Google you.

Looking for a new job? You probably know that 77% of hiring managers say they Google you. Knowing that, what is that you want them to find? This is your chance to reverse engineer the hiring process, and make them fall in love with you.

Imagine you’re applying for a job in an industry you really want to be a part of, but you’re not quite qualified for. (or heck, maybe you are qualified for, and this will just give you an edge).

You send in your resume and cover letter to pique their interest. The hiring manager Googles you (they will).

Now imagine their reaction when they see you’ve got an entire website proving your interest and expertise in the subject they’re looking to fill the position for?

In your site, you can show off not only your passion, expertise and personality, but also the intangible signs, like you being the type of person who works hard on projects that you’re interested in, even when you’re not tasked with doing them.

You’ll look amazing.

What about the idea that people might find your work and want to reach out to you with a collaboration opportunity? Influencers routinely receive free products in exchange for their reviews.

When you’ve got a presence online, and people find your website, it’s natural that people will reach out to you. Who knows what could come of it?

Find High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Photo by Rochelle Nicole on Unsplash

In the article, 7 Things Employers Care About More Than Your Degree, the author cites hands on experience, your ability to solve problems, communication skills, collaboration skills, work-related achievements, and volunteer work.

You know which of those things can be demonstrated by having a website? That’s right. All of them.

When you build a website that highlights your passion and knowledge about a certain subject, you instantly become seen as an authority on that subject.

Amateurs can position themselves to look like pros, and job seekers and prove they know what they are talking about.

In your blog posts, you can show off your writing skills. In your images, you can show off your sense of humor.

You can even make money by selling services (personal trainer? yoga teacher?), or write a helpful eBook and put it up for sale.

Showcase what you know, get that in front of the right people, and you’ll be amazed at the doors that can open up.

It’s supposed to be fun!

Have we mentioned that your side hustle is supposed to be on a subject you’re already interested in? 

Your side hustle should be on a subject you’re ALREADY INTERESTED IN.

Not only does this make sense from a logical standpoint (you’re going to need to have a passion for this thing to work through the hard times) – it also provides probably the biggest advantage of all – it’s fun!

Who doesn’t like doing work they’re interested in? Crazy people, that’s who.

Find something you love, have a passion for, or at the very least, know more about than the average person. If you want some help with coming up with a way to turn that into an income stream, contact us today. We’ll be glad to talk about it with you.

“Can’t I just use social media?”

Social media platforms are great, we get it. Many people enjoy social media, and developing a presence on a site or two there might be preferable to putting in the time and effort to market an entire website – we get that, too.

There’s no denying it that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest are giants.

But Myspace was once a giant , too. 

Social media trends change. We bet a lot of small businesses wish they didn’t put all their eggs into that Myspace basket, only needing to start over again when people stopped using it.

With newcomers to social media emerging all the time, it’s only a matter of time until the big companies lose their popularity.

In case you weren’t already aware, young people are already removing themselves from Facebook at a drastically fast pace.

A website is like home ownership and social media is like renting. One takes more work, but builds equity, and you own it entirely. You can do whatever you want with it. Your landlord can’t tell you not to rent out a room on Airbnb or paint the walls a different color.

If you put all your eggs into a social media company’s platform, and 2 years from now the CEO gets in trouble, loses the trust of their users and everybody abandons it? There goes all your hard work.

Much like owning a home is a better investment, having control of your own website is king. It’s full equity, without limitations, and has far greater potential in the long-term.

Realistically, we believe that it’s smartest to have both social media and a strong website. It’s no coincidence that every brand you know on social media also has a website to send you to.

With a website, you build an asset for your brand that you’re in control of. Use social to drive traffic to your website. The goal should be to set up your site in a way that it captures people’s attention, and quickly tells the user, “we are the solution to your problem.”

Without a website, you’re only doing your side hustle a disservice.

Our Story: Who We Are

A small team of dreamers, just like you.

From Justin

“Before starting Help With Your Hustle, or landing my first marketing job, I’d ride my bike to work at the breakfast restaurant I managed each morning, headphones in my ears playing episode-after-episode of Side Hustle School (and a few other similar podcasts). Each morning, as I’d begrudgingly pedal towards a day I wasn’t looking forward to, I’d listen to stories of people taking on awesome, fun-sounding entrepreneurial adventures – with many of them finding success doing it.

“The stories I would hear were of people earning more money than I was, and having a better time in doing it. They were doing what I wanted to be doing.”

For years I’ve been reading articles online about people taking the plunge – quitting their jobs, starting a small lifestyle business that would allow them to work remotely, make full-time salaries on a part-time schedule, leaving them with time for their families and passions, and many of whom found ways to give back to the world around them substantially.

I wanted that.

In my day-to-day life, I began to realize that it wasn’t just me who was discontent with the current state of things. In fact, a majority of the people I knew weren’t.

From family to friends to random acquaintances, I kept hearing the same complaints:

-“It sucks working for the man”

“40 hours a week is an outdated model, and too much to expect of people.”

-“I don’t have time for anything else I really care about.”

-“I can’t afford to see a doctor and my job is killing me.”

-“This is how the rich get richer.”

The complaints might have differed, but the underlying feeling was always the same. People want more than what is being offered, and are tired of the status quo. I wanted to help. Not only myself, but my friends and family, too.

If only all these podcasts and articles I’ve been consuming could be of some help…

I needed a solution. Both to my problems and to other people’s problems. There was a link, and I knew that if I just focused hard enough, I’d find it. The first step was fixing my own situation. Each day I’d struggle with the thought, “If I can’t do it for myself, how the hell am I supposed to inspire others?”

I began to fill page after page in notebooks with side hustle ideas that would pop into my head. “Late night vomit cleaning service for Lyfts and Ubers, unvom.com! That’s a goldmine!” “Print obscene words on candy hearts in time for Valentine’s Day, people would love that!”

As each day passed me by, I’d write more side hustle ideas down. I’d be the guy at every social gathering who would accidentally steer conversations towards side hustles.

Rather than people getting annoyed by it, you know what I found? People were into it. They started to see me as the guy they could bounce THEIR ideas off of. Like I was a safe space to have those conversations with, about their own job insecurities, or wanting more for their lives.

The general sense that I’d hear from people was, “I don’t really need to strike it rich and make a million dollars…I just need to figure out how to make as much as I’m making in my current job, only doing something that actually brings me joy rather than taking my time away from me.”

It was around this time that I had the idea for Help With Your Hustle. Much like the podcasts I was listening to, I envisioned it as a safe-space of a website, a place where people could go to find inspiration, look for practical tips on where to start, and get a sense of “I can do this, too.”

I wanted to be able to offer a solution when I’d hear people complain about their jobs, or imply that they wanted do something “more” with their lives.

The way I’d help get the message in front of people is by doing my best to be sure a lot of people knew about it. “The website has to first and foremost be interesting”, I knew. No matter how much you care about something, people have to want to go to your site in the first place. If it’s not interesting, why would they?

First order of business, I said. “It needs to be an easy, memorable, shareable message.” Second order: “I probably need to learn how to build a website…”

In any spare time I had – early mornings, late nights, weekends – you’d find me watching Youtube tutorials on how to build websites, asking Google all sorts of beginner questions, chatting live with customer support people, and frankly…telling everyone I knew about this venture I was trying to go in to. (It took way longer than I was expecting, and after 2 years of telling people I was working on this thing, it started to get slightly embarrassing that I wasn’t ready yet).

I offered to make sites for people I knew, and even landed an entry-level marketing job at a company who wasn’t happy with their current site, that allowed me to remake theirs for them. (It’s still up, has made them a lot of money and I’m really proud of it.)

Lyra is a kick-ass graphic designer by trade, who has been doing professional web design much longer than I have. Her skill set greatly compliments my own, and has helped me a ton in listening to my thoughts on the direction of Help With Your Hustle, provided direction when I felt lost, and ultimately been an integral person in getting our company started. She’s the design team here at Help With Your Hustle (as well she should be).

She prefers to remain behind-the-scenes for the most part, but it’s important to know that know she’s here, and any-and-all design related aspects that come from our company will most likely be at her direction. She’s full-time employed with a company she is very happy to work at, and this is one of her many side hustles.

Who YOU Are 

The way we see it, if you’re here it’s likely because you’re interested in starting a side hustle (or already have one) and are looking for, well…help with it.

Because you’re here at all, you likely fall into one of three buckets of people:

Bucket #1)

  • You feel unfulfilled with your job and are looking for a solution to somehow start working for yourself, or to carve out a pathway towards a career that sounds more exciting.

Bucket #2)

  • You are generally happy with how you spend your time, but are looking for a side hustle simply as a passion project, or as a way to make some extra cash each month

Bucket #3)

  • You’re entrepreneurially minded, and see a side hustle as a way of dipping your toes in the water without being fully invested. If it works out, you might consider going full-business-owner eventually, but you’d like to try your hand at something less of a commitment for now.

No matter what your interest in a side hustle is, we bet that you’ve got something you know a lot about, a topic that you get excited when discussing, or at the very least, good advice to give when people come to you looking for it.

You might even already have an idea or two for what you want to do.

Heck, maybe you’re already earning money in an established side hustle, and you’re simply looking for a web presence.

Or you might just be in the market for a website, made by people who get you. (if you’re not, you know who to turn to when you are ready).

How We Can Help

Help With Your Hustle is first and foremost a website business, and we’d love to sell you one. But it’s important to know that the *real* reason we’re in business is to try and create the kind of company that we wish already existed: the kind of company who obviously cares about making a difference for anybody who could use our help, not just the ones with the ability to pay.

We believe in people-over-profits, and imagine a world where anybody with a good idea and a little bit of ambition can get the help they need, by companies who aren’t only thinking about their bottom line. We believe that if we’re clever and put in the effort – there’s a way we can support ourselves while also giving you what YOU need.

In short, we want to help, and we know that *most* of the people who could really use our help – aren’t actually in a great position to pay for our services. (some may be, and by all means, that’s wonderful, let’s talk.)

But let’s be honest. If you’re looking for a side hustle, you’re probably not in a position to drop $3,500+ on a website.

If we help enough people, we know that our reputation will grow, and at least one or two people who ARE in a position to pay will reach out, thus allowing us to pay our bills.

The goal is to make enough of a splash that those people can’t help but hear about us, doing as much good as we can along the way.

So here’s our offer to you

The real reason we started this business was to inspire normal everyday folks, and pass on the message that you – yes YOU – have talents, knowledge, and ideas floating around in your head that you can use to

  • Start your first side hustle
  • Get that big idea off the ground
  • Make money online
  • Find a remote job
  • Improve your resume
  • Replace your income entirely

Even if you don’t think it’s possible, we want you to at least talk with us, kick the tires on this being a possibility. We do this for a living, and have seen it done first hand.

All around the internet, there are ordinary people sharing their knowledge, becoming known for things, and establishing an evergreen platform that opens doors that they never thought imaginable.

And you can, too. The internet is huge, and even if you feel like there’s not space for you – there is.

 Our goal is to be known as the company who will inspire, give guidance, and create platforms for people to make their wildest dreams come true.

If you have a side hustle or a small business, or if you just are a big dreamer thinking of starting one – you’re our target clientele. YOU are the type of person we want to work with.

“If everyone felt empowered to make their dreams come true, we’d live in an amazing new world” – and it starts with each and every individual.

Next Steps 

What we’re proposing is a process of identifying your online goals and aspirations, then letting us build you the website that allows you to get started making a name for yourself.

Already in business?

If you’re already established with your small business or side hustle, and need a fresh, cost-effective, performance-driven, brand-building website – hire us. We’re always looking for new clients, and would love to work with you on your dream site.

Your website should be your best sales tool. If yours isn’t converting the way you want it to, then it’s time for a consultation. We’d be happy to give you one for free, making suggestions on ways we can help you improve.

Just getting started?

Then you’ve come to the right place! In fact, when we sat down to consider, “who is it that we want to help most?” – we thought of someone who was interested in making a change in their life, who had things they cared about and “wished” they could figure out how to make money doing the things they love, are passionate about, or know more about than the average person.

We think the world needs to be more catering to people who want to make a change, but don’t have a lot of time or resources to make that happen. And that’s one of the biggest reasons we started this business. It’s our effort to make the world a better place, improving one person’s life situation at a time.

Whether you’ve got a laundry list of side hustle and small business ideas, or one nagging one that won’t go away, we urge you to contact us. Heck, even if you don’t have an idea, just a strong dream of financial freedom, the ability to work remotely, or see the value in being shown on specific Google searches (our favorite question to ask is: “When someone Googles your name, what do you want them to find?”)

If you’ve got the money to buy a website for sale directly, that’s one solution.

But if you’re like most of our clientele, you’ll probably want to read the next section below…

Can’t afford it? Work it off!

We put our heads together trying to come up with a fair trade system, where we would be able to justify doing work for people who needed it, but wouldn’t turn into us getting overwhelmed either.

Here’s the clever solution we came up with:

Once you’ve got an established website, the next step in getting noticed online is creating content to attract people TO that website, right?

We’ve got the same problem. We want more traffic just like all sites do. For us, though? We’d rather spend our time building sites rather than writing.

 But we still need our site to get noticed 

The “everyone wins” answer? If you can create content for us, we’ll trade you for a free website. ($3,500 value, terms and conditions apply).

What this looks like: 

We believe that everyone’s got knowledge to share that would be valuable to put on the internet.

If you’re thinking you’d like to start a business on a certain subject, or become known for your knowledge on something – we guarantee you’d have some very interesting and useful insights on that subject that would make for a highly interesting handful of blog posts, podcasts, etc.

We’d love to host that content on our site. We think it would make for really interesting content that people would love to read.

We want everyone to know that they’re an expert in something. And their expertise has value. Thus, we’ve all got value.

So that’s the trade. You need a website but can’t afford one? We need writers. Let’s swap.

Furthermore – we promise that any content you create on our behalf, we will link to YOUR new website, guaranteeing you not only a platform, but traffic as well (which is by far the hardest part of starting a new site).

How does it work?

Anybody who finds our site – because of your words on our site, will see a banner that says, “want to see more content like this? Check out this person’s site all about that subject. They’re awesome.”

That way you still get the traffic you deserve.

Ready to discuss your idea? Contact us today.