Haller at Me Fitness

Personal Training

Mike Haller, personal trainer based out of Portland, Oregon, is a buff, pierced, tattooed badass. (He’s also a really nice guy, don’t tell him we said that).

Speaking to a Direct Audience

This client knew that their target audience were people who worked in Portland’s unrivaled service industry. Tattoo artists, food service workers, rockers — you name it. This group isn’t intrigued by corporate gym branding. We worked hard to speak to their exact needs, creating a site that conveys the message, “if you don’t fit in at a regular gym, talk to us. I understand you better than anyone.”

We installed store software that would allow mike to sell virtual training sessions, downloadable workout and meal plans to his online audience, and accept payment from anywhere in the world. 

Here's what they had to say:

From Mike Haller, Founder

“The cost (of the website) was substantially less than I expected for what I received and with a business that I’m growing from the ground up, this site has given me confidence. It’s all an investment and high prices don’t always add up to quality, especially if you don’t also get the instructional how to use the site afterwards.”

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