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The Problem

Of all the brilliant SEO experts in the world, how come nobody’s made it more accessible to normal people?

Why are all the tutorials confusing?

SEO pros benefit by keeping it that way. The more confusing it is, the more you need them.

If you’ve dealt with an agency before, you’ve likely been through this scenario:

  1. They get you in a meeting
  2. Drop scary words like “XML sitemap”, “canonical URL” and “schema markup”
  3. Promise extraordinary results
  4. Push you to commit to paying them monthly 
  5. You pray for months that this wasn’t a terrible idea, obsessively checking if traffic has begun to climb

Our angle? None of that.

We’ve audited so many sites over the last four years that we’re 100% convinced that outside of the marketing and SEO niche, most SEO advice you’ll find isn’t actually all that important (and is getting less and less so as Google’s algorithm improves).

The Solution

The “secret” recipe to success? Target low-difficulty keywords, create internal links, and distribute useful, shareable content.

There. That’s it.

Just keep doing that consistently and watch your numbers start to climb.

We’ve written a guide on how to do just that. It’s free. 

No meetings. No scary lingo. No monetary commitments. Just really helpful material.

Go from Beginner to Intermediate in 5 days. Learn the 20% of SEO that yields 80% of the results.

What To Expect

Over the course of five weekdays, you will receive one lesson each morning (around 8am EST). By the end of the course, you will know everything most of us *really* need to know about SEO to make an impact on our website’s organic traffic.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

free seo email course at

Get The Course

Who is this for?

For this course, we assume at least one of the following three statements is true:

You’ve already got a web-based business or side hustle. Whether you’re in SaaS, consulting, selling ebooks and courses, or monetizing via ads and sponsorships – you can see a clear correlation that more traffic = more revenue.
You’ve been working hard on your web presence and are frustrated that not enough people are finding you. Maybe you’ve got dozens of underperforming blog articles, or you’re not showing up for even the most obvious of Google searches and you’re looking for some answers.
You’ve got other priorities. You’re not looking to learn everything about everything when it comes to SEO. You’re not looking for a career change, or to add “SEO Expert” to your resume. Your time is valuable, and you really just want the quick and dirty, no bullshit approach of “understand these concepts and you’ll be able to find success” advice that you’d only get from a friend.

If you fall into one of these three boxes, then good news! You’re in the right place.
Each of the emails are designed to be easy to digest, and packed with valuable lessons.

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